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Our First FaithForward Charitable Campaigns - It's Deeply Personal

We started FaithFuel with the hope that we could help so many people stay on the path of positivity and see the world through a glass half full.  We knew the power a daily motivational reminder could hold; a moments pause to recharge your inner FaithFuel battery. We loved the idea that we could wear that emotional power "on our sleeve" and that the messages could be kid friendly and fashionable too.  


Like absolutely everyone, our families have all been tested by health, career, kids and more.  It is in those moments, that we have to dig deep and believe. We have to continue to hope for the best outcome possible, despite how scary it may be in the moment. We also know that despite these challenges, that we are deeply fortunate. We do our best to "do good" for others by giving back within our own families.  Paying it forward even on a small level, began with donations and volunteerism, but became a passion our kids passed onto their friends when they requested guests do random acts of kindness in lieu of birthday gifts. Watching our kids quite literally take many small hands and make much bigger change, made it very clear that this needed to be a company value; one that became FaithForward by FaithFuel.  

Our first charitable design campaigns for FaithForward are for just some of the causes that have touched our lives directly.  
Cancer, has effected absolutely everyone we know at least once either directly or within their close family. Each time we receive or hear about a diagnosis we wonder how can the human spirit tackle this?  How do we use FaithFuel to fight back?  We resonate with the amazing human strength and felt compelled to design a tee shirt that could remind someone facing or who has overcome a battle, just how strong they really are.  I'm Strong.  Two very powerful words, particularly in the context of the effects of cancer on individuals and families. 
Bullying, a travesty that devastates not only the person effected, but the parent or friend who learns how deeply it has emotionally and physically impacted their loved one.  A child's single tear, held in for so long trying to be brave, can reduce their adult parent to a sob. Michael Watson's quote about strong people lifting others up, gave us optimism that we might help change people's perspective. If our design can help empower a youth to stand up to bullying and better yet stop it from happening, that pain can be saved from one more family.
Autism is top of mind for every parent we know.  If you do not have a spectrum diagnosis within your own family, your close circle certainly has.  Having touched us all we see the beautiful human behind the diagnosis and appreciate more than ever the patience and compassion it takes to parent, advocate, and seek new and emerging therapies. We are also keenly aware of the abilities, intelligence and perspective that people with autism have over those who do not.  With education and awareness, we know that others can truly learn to see the ABLE and not the Label.

We welcome your continued support as we continue to partner with other groups towards these very worthy causes close to our hearts.  Thank you so much for coming on this first part of our FaithForward Journey.  We have so much more planned... we can't wait to share.      

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