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What Fuels each of us - Discovering FaithFuel

We are emotional people. That's part of being passionate and to be entrepreneurs, you need to have a lot of passion.

In our company we have all sorts: creative types, analytical types, gregarious "people people" and headstrong types.

Starting FaithFuel came to us after a number of our families had faced adversity. Others in our social circles had asked us, after all you have been through how do you keep going? 

Sure, there were definitely days we asked ourselves the same thing,
but we thought about the question and actually wondered,
"how can you not keep going?"
We thought to ourselves, doesn’t everyone have a bit
 of that "fire in your belly" giving you the confidence

to believe that you can do it?

We started looking around; almost everyone we knew
was looking for motivation to get them through something large or small. 
Fitness, mental wellness, personal bests, health challenges, career paths, sobriety, marital bliss, better parenting... so many goals and all just out of reach. It seemed to us that all of these families were simply facing a pretty typical share of what we had just assumed was a part of life, a windy road and maybe some unlucky circumstances. 

It was around the first of the year and the topic of New Years Resolutions was a lively one that felt so synergistic to all we had been thinking about. Yes, we all keep setting goals because we all HOPE for better. It’s just a natural human tendency.

We looked at our friends who have enjoyed much success.  They credit lots of sources, daily meditation, regimented diet and exercise, taking "me" time, staying in touch with family and friends, their church, synagogue, temple, or mosque, volunteer work, date nights.... the list went on.  We realized that for each of those people, they had a different outlet and methodology for recharging their own batteries if you will.

But what was the battery? What were they running on?

They had faith that they could persevere.
That was it.

They each had their own FaithFuel.

And so it began…….

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