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Announcing FaithForward - many hands make small work of big change

The old adage many hands make small work is something we all know, but sometimes forget.  Many of us here at FaithFuel have young children. It's interesting how revisiting the things with your kids sheds new light.


Navigating through a shopping excursion with young ones can be a challenge. It seems every week there is a new occasion that calls upon us to buy things we really don't need. No matter the level of our income, we are very lucky to have all that we do. We all try to remember those less fortunate and work to volunteer, donate and raise money for others particularly during the colder months and seasonal holidays. 


I looked around after a recent young child's birthday party and paused at the remnants of gifts and wrapping on the floor.  I thought about all of the money that had changed hands for those gifts and wondered what if? What if there was an 'opt out' option for exchanging presents? Just imagine if even half of us opted out and paid it forward with a small gesture for someone else.  Think about all of those small gestures.... together they really could be something much bigger. 

At our company we celebrate our individual strength.

We believe we are capable of much more than we believe of ourselves.


If as individuals we use our FaithFuel to empower ourselves through life, what if we harnessed the power collectively?

What if that FaithFuel empowered many hands?  

What not so small  work could we do? 

What if through our designs, we could help others raise money for the causes closest to their hearts? If we could help others raise money, instead of just our hands helping, many hands could help.  


Announcing FaithForward


A collection of FaithFuel designs specifically made so that many hands can make small work of big change.

We invite you to sponsor a campaign in honor of the cause in which you believe.
Select and customize a graphic from our design portfolio and we will give you the tools to launch your ecomm campaign.

With each item sold, 10% of sales goes directly to your charitable cause.

No risk, no buying commitment, just our help in creating
some great items and spreading the word through our designs
in your cause’s honor.

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